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Analysis on the performance of pressure sensitive adhesive printing machine

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Sticker printing presses is the earliest with the trademark printing machine pull rod type, a set of mechanical parts, between the easy wear and error along with the use of time will increase, slow speed, set a target, gradually had used the computer type, a set of accurate, produced high precision products, meet the needs of customers, and the operation is convenient. The computer type trademark printing machine has gradually replaced rod type trademark printing machine, rod type trademark printing machine many manufacturers have stopped production, with the development of technology, many bosses started production when considering the purchase of the intermittent rotary label printing machine, due to the high cost, many small no boss to purchase, but its high production efficiency, fast printing speed advantage makes more and more people are optimistic about the future, the market prospect is very good. 

The 1 hatchback design, printing and die cutting in mechanical drive In progressive mode, so that the pressure to be average are also clear both large background or fine character. 

The 2 version is simple and easy to adjust, reduce the loss of printed materials, greatly reducing the cost of making labels. 

3 easy operation, solves the problem of shortage of technical personnel of printing printing speed can be adjusted freely. 

4 with perfect ink in 50 - 200 times per minute, printing and feeding systems, can print clear eye-catching picture. Separately.

5 die cutting and printing paraposition easily. 

6 host without paper automatic stop.

 7 die-cutting seat can be adjusted up and down, left and right, horizontal angle, fast test machine, Ann the high line, ensure the machine .

8 film device is arranged between the printing and die cutting, and can complete the printing, laminating, cutting and so on. The automatic control system of .

9 well advanced, automatic stop without paper, to set up a plan Fixed value is shutdown alarm. Streamline

10. The body, cover an area of little, electricity saving, power is full. 

11. Easy maintenance, installation forced to oil lubrication system, to ensure that the transmission component can not be worn more adapted to high speed Chang Hung Co, the spirit of customer first, quality first, service first purpose and dedication for the new and old customers to provide the best quality products and the most perfect service, warmly welcome the vast number of new and old customers to negotiate. Chang Hongyin machine is your best choice.

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