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Die cutting machine speed is the main factor that influence the efficiency of the die cutting machine

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Die cutting machine speed determines the working efficiency of the die cutting machine, in practice, how to layout components for die cutting function high speed detection, this is all going to the following resolution by chang hong small make up for you.

Components needed for the rule of the direction of the paper, the former, the latter two direction accurate orientation, respectively, by the former meter and with stand between near surface structure. After positioning the paper, and need to have high precision sheet handling mechanism, namely diao paper tooth row body incoming version of the die cutting indentation die cutting accurately.

In order to guarantee the die cutting precision, it is necessary to ensure accurate transmission, ensure that each row of teeth in the one in the right direction. The precision of the tooth row body and safe sex plays a very important effect, precision die cutting, and other moments and safe solution, organized by intermittent movement die cutting machine.

Successive paper, namely before the piece of paper and paper has some stack, it is supply smoothly, high speed. In the same cutting speed, assumes that the literature as before with vertical structure, intermittent feeding speed is stable when speed is much faster than a succession of paper. Rules before feeding speed, the paper will have a larger impact, easy cause rebound paper or bend, causing inaccurate positioning accuracy, cut.

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